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Book launch and student art exhibitions

Our unique international, collaborative book publication projects celebrate the artistic creativity of our students and raise awareness of important issues. Student art exhibitions are organized to accompany book launches.

Art and wildlife conservation

The Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia:
Paintings and Text by Students from the Liger Learning Center in Cambodia

The Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia includes over 130 original watercolor paintings of Cambodian mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, and Cambodia's unique ecosystems, created by students who participated in Art in a Box's Environmental Art Painting Classes at the Liger Learning Center in 2015. It is the first book of its kind to be illustrated, researched, written and translated entirely by Cambodian middle-school children. The book provides an overview of Cambodia's most representative, as well as unique and endangered, wildlife. Students conducted research with international and local conservation organizations working in Cambodia to prepare accurate written descriptions in both English and Khmer for each species and habitat.

The Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia provides both children and adults with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Cambodia in all its diversity.

(In Khmer and English)
Available in both Paperback ($40) and Hard Cover ($50) editions
Published by Heron-on-Hudson Press, December 2015 

Art and testimony

Painting Our Lives
Art by Children Affected by AIDS, Children with AIDS, and AIDS Orphans in Cambodia

Painting Our Lives is a book of art and testimony by Cambodian children living in the midst of the AIDS epidemic, and is told through the children’s own pictures and words. The children explore their identities, describe their daily lives, engage their imaginations and talk about their dreams for the future. Through art, they take on a new role as young artists and learn that their observations and impressions matter. Painting Our Lives documents the triumph of the human spirit over unimaginable difficulties and celebrates the ability of art to empower, transform, heal, speak truth and delight the human spirit.

(In Khmer and English)
Paperback edition ($30)
Published by Heron-on-Hudson Press, 2008