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Art in a Box:
Who we are
Art in a Box partners with
communities around the world
that are in need, disadvantaged
by poverty, or that are facing
crisis situations due to war,
public health emergencies or
natural disasters, and assists in
recovery and empowerment
through art. We respect the
depth and diversity of people
who are often viewed as
representatives of their
circumstances rather than as
unique individuals.
Art in a Box promotes
international understanding
across geographic, artistic and
cultural borders through Art and
Education Programs for Children
at Risk, Teacher Training and
Peer-to-Peer Art Mentoring. We
organize children’s art
exhibitions and publish book
projects through our imprint,
Heron-on-Hudson Press.
Art in a Box is a 501(c)(3) tax-
exempt, non-profit organization.
Art in a Box is inspired by Thich
Nhat Hanh, Maha Ghosananda
and by the artwork of artists
from all cultures.
through Art
Children in Cambodia
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What we do
Art in a Box has conducted 39
funded art projects with 28
partner organizations in 10
countries, including the United
States. We have also designed
and implemented 4 long-term,
replicable programs at
international venues and have
provided art curricula and
classroom resources for teachers
and staff.
Our art classes have touched
the lives of 3,063 students
at risk or in need.
Our art boxes have enabled
students to create more than
7,700 paintings about their
lives and dreams for the